Patricia Louise Ramey Stewart

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Patricia Louise Ramey
Residing In: Kernersville, NC USA
Spouse/Partner: Greg - passed 01/29/16
Occupation: Reservations-USAirways -Retired-American Airlines
Children: G. Thomas (Tom) Stewart, Jr.-born 1970
his son Will - born 1997 /daughter Tina born 1998
Sandra More…Stewart Easter - born 1972
her son Shawn - born 2005 and Shane born 09/10/09
Yes! Attending Reunion
Street Address:

360 Sedge Garden Road

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School Story:

Attended Lenoir-Rhyne - UNC-G and graduated with BS Bus and Economics from HPC
Certified Silva Instructor

From East - lots of good memories - fun times and wouldn't repeat for all the gold in whereever- ha ha ha
Still feel like a "mighty EAGLE"

Elementary School Attended

Sedge Garden

Junion High School Attended



Raising 2 great kids and enjoying 4 grands
will celebrate 40 yrs happy marriage in Dec 09
Worked for City of W-S and just celebrated 30 yrs with the airline
Busy now with grandchildren - aging mother and in-laws - family and friends - would love to hear from long lost friends from school - but husband and self working 3rd so call after noon - thanks
Update - Greg passed 01/29/16 - so now I'm retired with no one to take care of haha still have 4 grands to keep up with ages 19 to 6 and boy do they keep me going. Love to hear from you guys.+
Update - Still helping Greg's parents and step-parents - his dad and step-dad are both age 91 and vets of WWII - his mom is 84 and step-mom is 87 - getting lots of practice with VA in K-ville and Salisbury - nice to feel needed - Still volunteering with AA's employee vol group - learning there is toooo much paperwork with losing a spouse - hope everyone is doing well

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Hope your special day is very special - you take time for yourself - do what you want to do the whole day - make sure Jedi and sugar kitty are with you the whole way - Have fun - Happy Birthday Love you Pat

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Jun 26, 2019 at 8:45 AM

Have a great birthday - hope all your wishes come true - can't wait to catch up at the reunion - see you there

Jun 18, 2019 at 11:23 AM
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Hiddy Buddy - Hope you and Gene are planning to attend the reunion - and if you're available on Thurs Apr 18 join us at the Olympic for breakfast at 830 - would love to catch - BTW you have a birthday coming up - HAPPY BIRTHDAY April Baby - you are the best

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Nov 11, 2018 at 9:10 PM

Joan - so sorry to hear of the enemies return - keep the faith - know it can and will be defeated AGAIN!! A positive attitude will help you the most - speaking from experience - hope to see you at the reunion - and would love to see you at the monthly breakfast at the Olympic - good food - great company - fun to catch up -

Oct 30, 2018 at 6:56 PM
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Sharon - hope you are planning on attending the 50th reunion next Sep - I look forward to catching up - Pat

Apr 13, 2018 at 3:08 PM

Hope you have great plans for your 29th birthday - looks like the weather is finally going to be good for a picnic or cookout - a quiet fishing trip - or a long visit to the grandkids - here's wishing you the very best and many more too - Love you Pat

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Feb 12, 2017 at 10:46 PM

Thank you for the kind words about Dana - we were in school for all 12 years together and when we bought a house in Sedge Garden ended up on the next road over from where Dana grew up -
How did you end up in Hamptonville - sounds like you're where you were meant to be - I bet you keep the folks in the hospice smiling and making it as easy as possible for them and their families - you may not have heard but Greg passed the end of Jan 2016 - its been lonely but family and friends have tried to keep me busy - I had retired in Dec to stay and help with his health problems - I had him for 6 more weeks and he went in a second - just closed his eyes and was at peace - we were actually on the way to the hospital for his pre-op for a bi-pass - seems God needed him more than I - course I have to disagree but what can you do - as Greg would do - LOL - hope you and yours are well and doing whatever you want - enjoy each other - you just never know - again thanks for the memories of Dana.

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Jan - so glad to hear the move and changes you've managed this year were successful - sorry about the health situations for you and your fur babies - 2017 will be better for all of us - please God - we pray - it is almost the anniversary of Greg's death - so far this year I've held up well - family and friends have kept me extremely busy - I am doing all I can to take care of both Greg's mother and father and their respective spouses - not an easy task as both his dad and step-father are 91 years old and his mother is 85 - but at least they have me to help - all the grands are doing fantastic - Will and Tina are in Surry Community College and Forsyth Tech respectively - Shawn is in middle school now and Shane is in 1st grade - wide spread of ages but makes life interesting - Tom and Sandi are both at Yellow/Rodeway trucking - Karen is now at Forsyth Memorial in clerk position and Johnny is also a diesel mechanic but with another trucking company - I have been on a couple of trips to Gatlinburg with a couple of K-ville friends and we met another friend from Jackson TN - sort of met in the middle - spent some grand time solving all the worlds troubles while sitting on the porch overlooking the creek - very nice - heard the porch is still there but the rest of the hotel is gone - sorry for those very nice folks - that hotel had been there many many years - so far health wise only dealing with skin cancers - luckily having them removed asap with success. Still keeping my granddog Joy who is around 14 now and my fiest TD who is about 4 - she thinks she's as large as Joy and Joy thinks she is as young as TD - they wrestle and play like kids - Still helping Tom with the farming in the mountains - still have the cabin and land there - busy hay seasons - yes I can drive a tractor and bale hay - just can't throw the bales around like I used to - Would love to catch up with you - maybe we can now that we live so far apart - lol - anyway have a great birthday and may this year be your very best

Sep 04, 2016 at 11:08 PM